Standing in your Power, Passion and Purpose


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I am looking for 26 people who want to make a difference in how they live, love and lead their lives with passion, compassion and purposeful action.

If that sounds like you, this retreat will give you the opportunity to dive deep into your current life situation, find any hidden blocks and desires, and develop an extensive creation plan to carry out the new you. Your peers and the structured program will hold you accountable in becoming ‘the future of you in real time’. 

Every dollar invested enables the sustainable process of learning for those who are in the habit of investing in themselves. Are you up for that kind of transformation of your life?

Are your talents and skills resting in neutral or hidden just under the surface of how you walk through life?

Are you so busy fitting in and conform so you can keep your job and stay below the radar?

Have you ever put your own needs, wishes and dreams on the back burner without planning for the future you want to live today?  When we swap our cup of purpose and vision for the corporate vision of a paycheck, we make a living. When we decide we want something even more purposeful, to make a difference one step at a time, we create a life.

Who do you know who might benefit from this experience?

We will immerse you in the culture and the experience of spending 3 days and 3 nights with up to 26 of your peers to experience your possibilities as you unlock your dreams and commit them to paper, write your manifesto and prepare to take action.

The retreat will be in a villa in Sitges (near Barcelona Spain) beginning with check-in and an introductory greet and business session the evening of March 8th – 11th, 2018. All your meals and accommodation are included to help you focus on the experience of learning, exploring and engaging with 26 of your soon to be friends, and 1-1 interactions with me, Bettlylynn. You get yourself there and we take care of the rest.

Includes 3 nights accommodation based on double occupancy, full meal service (catering), 1 hour Master Level coaching, and pre-work and in-retreat course materials. Pre-work will be sent out once registration is complete approximately 3 weeks prior to event. Beside the learnings and business structure from Bettylynn and her upcoming book, ‘Be Awesome Now!’, we will incorporate MindTouch technology with the founder of the practice, Lourdes Aldanondo. Mindtouch is a form of physical mindfulness that teaches how to nurture a deep relationship with your body and helps you become aware of the importance of touch as a tool for stress management and communication, with yourself and others. It is a way to ground yourself and give the analytical mind a rest. Be here and now through touch and breath.


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